Artist Statement 

My work since 2017 has been devoted to and inspired by Bitcoin /Lightning and the brilliant Satoshi Nakamoto’s White Paper discovery of Bitcoin.  Bitcoin is a non-state, immutable, digital, decentralized, borderless, permission-less, censorship resistant, worldwide, peer to peer electronic cash, sound money, and store of value.   

My process is paper glued down and scraped off, string outlines for network effects, and many layers of Acrylic Paint added to Linen Canvas.  

My style is to use formal value in my paintings. Formalism is a way to understand art in a different way. Formalism means that a painting is entirely determined by its form - the way it is made - in a purely visual, compositional way.  Formalism means that as an artist, I can choose to emphasize compositional elements, like line, form, color, shape, and texture, rather than realism and content. 

I believe that it is the painting’s formal properties which make something art, and which defines aesthetic experiences.

Carole Ann Danner has a Masters Degree in Fine Art from Massachusetts College of Art.

Twitter:  @caroleanndanner